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My Non-First World Problems: Letters from Iraq


"We are tired of having great dreams without even having one chance to accomplish them in reality. It seems that the world is aiming to destroy this country to the ground. It seems that the world is not willing to give the Iraqis any chance to dream of prosperity because even in our dreams, we face death." - #My-Non-First-World-Problem by Mohammed Khaluq
"Two days ago, my father told me he will be going to the frontlines with the Kurdish army as a part of the medical team. I have nightmares about the minefield again, but this time, my dad is in the minefields, on a mine, and I need to be the one who saves him, but how? That’s what I keep wondering." - The Minefields by Kazho Muhsin

My lovely followers I need your help...



Two months ago I met Peddy who is now my boyfriend. I hadn’t even dates a guy for two years since my ex. I’ve grown so fond of him and he’s helping me overcome lots of internal issues I have concerning trust and affection.
Peddy was in a band, a band that was doing so well they could taste fame and then their lead singer got lung cancer at 26. Peddys best friend and lead singer Danny died. He managed to record his singing before he left. The band fell apart unable to consider continuing without their friend. Recently Peddy and the group decided that it would be terrible if the world didn’t hear Danny’s music so they’ve started up kickstarter to raise the funds for the album.

I know tumblr isn’t about money and there are so many charities to help but guys I know you’ll help if I ask. There are some truly amazing people that follow my blog…please donate so they can finish and release the album. You’ll receive CDs and bang merch with the donations :)

Let me know if you donate I will do anything I can for you on tumblr…promote you, rate you, help you with anything…lifestyle choices, advice. I’ll do dares, answer truths anything…

I want to give back to Peddy for helping me and I want Danny to look down and smile.

Thanks to those that reblogged… Nearly half way there please keep supporting x

The music is pretty good so do check it out.